Shawn Williams Tribute

Nicole, a young emerging model, approached us about being a part of a series of photo shoots. The series focus was a tribute to the fallen Shawn C. Williams, who passed shortly after his 23rd birthday in 2008. His Effects were felt throughout the local and even some national fashion outlets. At such an young age he possessed the talents to reach out to the world.  I owe a lot of who I know, and what i have done in the past 2 year with the fashion side of my photography to Shawn. He was always the 1st stylist I called for any projects. This shoot was more about his quote and less about his clothing. He used to say “Learn to Love to Laugh and Live your Life”. Jerren had the idea to write those words all over the body of the model. The model, Nicole, also has a tattoo on her back with the same words. Jerren was the only one that got the “Laugh” pics.

Shawn may you Rest in Peace.

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