So we got at good 6-9 Inches of Snow here over the past couple of days. And if you have ever known anything about St. Louis, then you know that when its snows, the Art Museum is the place to be. Art Hill, as its known, is a HUGE hill in front of the museum and it goes right down into a mini frozen pond. For obvious reasons, the police put up bails of hay as a barrier to keep people from sliding into the dangerous pond.

There were tons of people out,even in the middle of the day on a wenesday, since this being the 1st real snow day this winter. It was great.  So I decided to grab my Camera and my Husky (Samson) and head over to Forest Park to see what i could capture. And here it is…Some of these pics needed mutlple shots to caputre it all. But i trimmed it down to keep you from getting bored.

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