Photographic Maturity: Before and After 2 years Later

Many photographers talk about going through old photo shoots and seeing if they can find some hidden gems, or possibly resurrect old classics.  Well in doing so the other day, I realized there were several of shoots, I would have done differently image processing wise, especially in my 1st year of shooting.

I have only been in the photography game since November 2006. A lot of things have changed for me since then. Before I would rely on photoshop to “Fix” my images instead of getting them right before hand, and THEN using editing tools to simply enhance them. Even my editing techniques have changes since then. I went from over saturated  lighting and coloring, images with cheesy effects, and  a lot of rookie tilting of the camera. Thanks to some excellent advice from other photographers that I have met and read up on, I have learned to use my own unique style with fundamentally sound basics.

So today I present Lauren C. Lauren is a Hawaiin born, San Francisco resident, that did her undergrad in St. Louis. I am going to show the original “Final” images from back then and what my new rendition on those same images would be.

The Old: As you look at this small sampling, you will notice the use of over saturated light, improper and unnecessary camera tilting, and exposure processing that’s not so good. The

The New: Some changes were simple adjustments to cropping. However the tilting was so heavy on some that I had to crop down the size of the original image to attempt to save the photos. You will also see a lot less contrast used and a different coloring method, thereby softening the images dark light balance, and muting the coloring giving the images more of an Editorial Feel to them. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.


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