I’m Baaack: Gone, But Not Forgotten

I always say that this is the time that I will stay on top of updating my blog. And yet here we are,  almost 10 months since my last post. I am going to be back blogging yet again to update you all on some of the things that I have been up to.

When I last posted, I was in the midst of moving to Atlanta. Since that time, I have taken some amazing trips to some amazing places. I will post some of the pics from Bali, Indonesia as well as Acapulco Mexico  along with some of my photoshoots that I have done with some great established Makeup Artists ( R. Bell) and Hair Stylists (Charles Gregory) as well as some that are emerging in their crafts.

Also, I am going to fill my gaps in ‘bloggable’ (Pretty sure that’s not a word) item, with  “2 – Minute Tutorials”, A short series of quick tips and techniques to enhancing photos and computer usage.

Stay tuned, b/c over the next couple days you will see more and more for me.