Hacked and Back

Many of you may know that before I was ever a photographer , I was a web designer. So I have designed and maintained all of the sites i have have been a part of or affiliated with.

Recently, 6 of said sites were maliciously hacked. Including TBKENE .com and and Blog.tbkene .com. I have been working all weekend to try to get these sites back up and running. It seems that things are finally back to a stable point, but I will have to be more Proactive with the search and destroy of all intruders. I believe that this is happening at the hosting provider level. I am attempting to work things out with them.  I have been with IX for 6 years now, and I have loved having their hosting services.  Hopefully we can rectify and eradicate the culprits

If any of you notice anything funny looking let me know and I will look into it immediately.