Breaking News: Guess Who’s Moving?!

So for the most part I have lived close to or near St.  Louis for my entire life. Sure, I’m always off jet setting all over the place, but all of those have been trips and not putting down roots.  In my adult years I have been tied to a house that I built at the age of 23…Well, I received a break, someone offered to buy my house when I wasn’t even in the market to sell.  I am one of the few people that’s able to: 1. Sell my house and 2. come out with a Positive gain even in this economy.  So needless to say I am truly blessed.

Now as some of you know, I work a 9-5 doing web application development for AT&T.  Currently there are 3 cities that I could move to and keep my job in tact with no hassles. Those cities are  Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta.


Since I am relocating myself, I won’t get a cost of living increase (plus, I don’t want the extra 2 months of cold weather, even though my dogs would love it) so Chi-town is out.

Dallas Vs Atlanta

So that leaves Dallas and Atlanta. While Dallas is great for my allergies, and not a heavily congested city, it still an up and comer when it comes to trendiness and that cosmopolitan city like feel.

Atlanta on the other hand, I had always sworn I would never go there, b/c that’s where everyone goes, or wanted to go, and I hate doing what everyone else is doing…Plus it would be worse on my allergies than STL.

The Verdict

I went back and forth between which of these two cities I would move to.  Surprisingly enough my final decision was simple, which city would give me more of the following

  • Access to Advertisers, Musicians and other potential photography clients
  • Easy, Quick or Cost Effective access to other target cities
  • Entertainment and Nightlife (Although these are the least of my concerns b/c I can always find something to get into)

After deliberation it seemed that Atlanta has cheaper last minute flights to places like DC, NYC, MIA,  and Islands of the Caribbean that I work from semi regularly.  Atlanta is also more friendly for motorcycle insurance prices too, which I am going to need to get through all of that congestion.

So as of August 15, I will officially be a full time Atlanta resident. And while this definitely isn’t where I wanted to move to in order to grow my photography business, it is a step or two in the right direction for growth, which is always a good thing. ATLANTA HERE I COME!!!!!

To any of my regional friends, be on the lookout for my info on my going away festivities in the month of July.