Fresh Faces – Lori D

This shoot has all of  the makings of a flop from the beginning.  Lori, a relatively young model , with an unproven portfolio,  was approx 45 min late (already a no no)  before we heard from her, and then took another 45 min to get there. I know I know, I can hear all of the groaners out there that feel my pain. However after speaking to her directly on the phone it was pretty hard to be up set with her. She sounded so sweet and innocent,  and helpless in the “big city” .  So she arrived and  Re’nauta (an Astounding Makeup Artist who happens to also be from St. Louis.) went to work. Turning her into some sort of futuristic techno, workout ballerina. Needless to say at the end of the day, everyone was happy. I’m sure the people at whatever restaurant that Lori went to in full makeup were happy as well.

Well here they are.

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