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Fresh Faces – Lori D

This shoot has all of  the makings of a flop from the beginning.  Lori, a relatively young model , with an unproven portfolio,  was approx 45 min late (already a no no)  before we heard from her, and then took another 45 min to get there. I know I know, I can hear all of the groaners out there that feel my pain. However after speaking to her directly on the phone it was pretty hard to be up set with her. She sounded so sweet and innocent,  and helpless in the “big city” .  So she arrived and  Re’nauta (an Astounding Makeup Artist who happens to also be from St. Louis.) went to work. Turning her into some sort of futuristic techno, workout ballerina. Needless to say at the end of the day, everyone was happy. I’m sure the people at whatever restaurant that Lori went to in full makeup were happy as well.

Well here they are.

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Fresh Faces: Lyschel H

More so than the model herself, the biggest story here was the “Snow Storm”. I use the term loosely b/c what passed for a snow storm here in Atlanta greatly differs from the in the Midwest where I was raised. It snow pretty hard and heavy for a few hours, leaving the shoot up in the air. To my delight, all parties arrived and we made it through. Subsequently the snow froze over and there it was a long slippery drive home for the participants, well all except for me 🙂

Well at least some pretty nice shots came out of this. Including my first experiment with shooting with a gel blue gel on a white-ish background.

Oh Yeah this was another fantastic creation from the great Re’Nauta Bell (Smudged by R. Bell)

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April – June Photo Shoot Recap

So in the height of the chaos in traveling, I kinda lost sight of the updates from shoots in the spring. So you will get a chance to now see several different shoots in one big swoop.

Operation Beast Mode: Artist/Entertainers

Brian Owens: Singer/Songwriter

I don’t consider (nor want to be considered) a nudey, half naked seductive photographer. However, if Victoria secret came calling, then i’m sure i could answer their call with a big grin on my face. So you will see some Vicky-esque pics with models Emma Ve and Britney R.

There are Are also Some photos from my Trip to Jamaica. I met a guy a few years back that does events at the Hedo II resort in Negril every June. He asked me to shoot his girls. So here comes some beach photos


Photographic Maturity: Before and After 2 years Later

Many photographers talk about going through old photo shoots and seeing if they can find some hidden gems, or possibly resurrect old classics.  Well in doing so the other day, I realized there were several of shoots, I would have done differently image processing wise, especially in my 1st year of shooting.

I have only been in the photography game since November 2006. A lot of things have changed for me since then. Before I would rely on photoshop to “Fix” my images instead of getting them right before hand, and THEN using editing tools to simply enhance them. Even my editing techniques have changes since then. I went from over saturated  lighting and coloring, images with cheesy effects, and  a lot of rookie tilting of the camera. Thanks to some excellent advice from other photographers that I have met and read up on, I have learned to use my own unique style with fundamentally sound basics.

So today I present Lauren C. Lauren is a Hawaiin born, San Francisco resident, that did her undergrad in St. Louis. I am going to show the original “Final” images from back then and what my new rendition on those same images would be.

The Old: As you look at this small sampling, you will notice the use of over saturated light, improper and unnecessary camera tilting, and exposure processing that’s not so good. The

The New: Some changes were simple adjustments to cropping. However the tilting was so heavy on some that I had to crop down the size of the original image to attempt to save the photos. You will also see a lot less contrast used and a different coloring method, thereby softening the images dark light balance, and muting the coloring giving the images more of an Editorial Feel to them. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.


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So I went to Dallas…

In case you didn’t know, I have a day job,  since I’m not quite at the point where I can do photography only.  Well last month, I was sent to Dallas for a week of training.  I always travel with at least one of my cameras, so I decided to check out some of the locals and see what kind of last minute fun shoots I could put together.  With very little notice,  I was able to set up 4 shoots, although there was no makeup, or hair stylist. Well the seemingly nonstop  Rain pretty much canceled 2 of the shoots for me. So I was left with just 2 days which it wasn’t raining.

Shoot one Vicky.  A very charismatic girl from Laos, she provided more of a classic style approach to the Shoot.

The Second shoot was who I call the Zelles. Mainly b/c all of the sisters except one, names end in Zelle. So that day  I had Riozelle, Jizelle, and Gracel. I decided to go with a more lifestyle approach on this one since they are sisters and therefore should provide a lot of good natural interaction..

Ok enough of  this page filler. On to the pics. The 1st 4 are Vicky, the rest are the Zelles



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And I’m Back

So I spent the larger portion of the past 10 Days a little under the weather. The combination of Asthma, Cold/Flu and a Bronchial cough ..yuck!

So now that that’s all out of my system, it’s time to share with the world again. So here are few pics that I snapped during the last shoot I did with Ly

Apparently I had photoshoot ADD b/c I was taking pics of a lot of other stuff in the midst, fortunately Jerren was there too, so he was able to keep Ly a bit distracted while I shot the surroundings


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Shawn Williams Tribute

Nicole, a young emerging model, approached us about being a part of a series of photo shoots. The series focus was a tribute to the fallen Shawn C. Williams, who passed shortly after his 23rd birthday in 2008. His Effects were felt throughout the local and even some national fashion outlets. At such an young age he possessed the talents to reach out to the world.  I owe a lot of who I know, and what i have done in the past 2 year with the fashion side of my photography to Shawn. He was always the 1st stylist I called for any projects. This shoot was more about his quote and less about his clothing. He used to say “Learn to Love to Laugh and Live your Life”. Jerren had the idea to write those words all over the body of the model. The model, Nicole, also has a tattoo on her back with the same words. Jerren was the only one that got the “Laugh” pics.

Shawn may you Rest in Peace.

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2008: Year in Review

There were a lot of things that went down in this past year.  Some good, some bad, and some horrific.  One thing that remained constant is that my cameras never failed on me or let me down. Here are some of the best and brightest from 2008.  I look forward to 2009 being a year of new beginnings, strengthend learning and development, stronger bonds with friends, family and businesses, and a LOT MORE FOTOS. Happy New Year to you all. Special thanks to my business partner/ photographer buddy Jerren (JayKene) he’s helped me tremendously and he brings a different perspective to everything do and that helps both grow togehter. To Everyone else thanks you all  for your support and prayers.

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Jocks Vs. Nerds

A friend and clothing designer of mine approached us about doing a mini series for some of his clothes. The theme was Jocks Vs. Nerds, the age old high school battle of brains against brawn. We didn’t really have time to plan the shoot, but all in all we got some decent stuff out of it.

[Update] Shawn Williams, the designer for Eyekon Klothing Company Passed on 10/1/08. RIP My Friend.

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